was a collective of artists, dedicated to peaceful opposition to the takeover of American Society by sinister forces. It was formed in 2002 as a reaction to the Bush administration’s headlong plunge into war.

    AvantRadio was a loose confederation of pointedly un-embedded actors, writers and musicians using radio theatre to speak up against war. Producer-writer Tom Allard and director-writer Jim Fowler form the core of this artistic collective. Others involved included Lizzie Harding-Wilkins,Jennie Webb, Susan Angelo, Earnestine Phillips, Maria Spassoff and Helen Kelly.

    AvantRadio made its first live public performance in September 2003 opening for George Carlin at the Warner-Grand in San Pedro. This was followed by an appearance for the ACLU as they honored librarians who resist the more obnoxious elements of the Patriot Act.

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear……

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